Web Design

I create websites that adapt to any browser and device with targeted messaging and a user-friendly design, increasing your engagement and sales.

Designing Your Online Brand

Your website is an extension of your brand, and I ensure that your audience recognizes your brand when they reach your website and can easily find what they are looking for. Not only does your website reflect your image, it can also be a tool used to drive sales, acquire leads, and market your product or services. My focus in your web design will be identifying and prominently displaying a primary call to action, optimize your content for search engines (SEO), and provide the most vital information above the fold and in a user-friendly manner so that your visitors have a positive experience with your site. Here are a few website services I offer:

  • Small business web design
  • Corporate website design
  • Landing page design
  • Form design and process steps
  • CMS Implementations
  • Site Migrations
Web Design
Form Design

Achieving Your Goals

Most clients have a primary goal in mind when they decide to create or re-design their website. I help you achieve these goals using design, code, and technical optimizations. When starting a relationship with JMR Digital Marketing, defining goals will be the first step in designing your website. Here are a few strategic priorities many companies focus on:

  • Obtaining new leads/customers
  • Creating brand awareness
  • Reducing user frustration/increasing user-friendliness
  • Offering services/products online to purchase
  • Providing information/educating
  • Increasing sales

I use various tactics to help you achieve these goals such as lead capture through forms, A/B testing, increasing site speed, content recommendations, and adding engagement to your design. Let’s discuss ways you can achieve your goals.


Even if you have a beautifully designed website, your new site will stay stagnant with little to no traffic if it cant be found in Google search results. Understanding how search engine optimization works and incorporating it into the web design and development process is key to any successful website looking for business growth. JMR Digital Marketing will include basic SEO optimizations in every web project, but here are a few specialized extras that will enhance your results:

Keyword Analysis

The first step to any SEO strategy is keyword research. What do you think your potential customers are searching for when they shop for a product or service that you offer? The goal of SEO is to make sure your primary services are appearing on the front page of Google so that people can find your website. Once these search terms are identified, I can then do a competitive analysis and advise you on what keywords I think you can rank best for and how we can work together to achieve keyword ranking growth.

Technical Optimizations

Even if you have all of the right content and keywords incorporated into your website, if you fail to adhere to technical SEO best practices and code optimizations, your website will not be seen in search results. I can perform a technical audit on your site and create a strategy that includes tactics such as improving site speed, including schema markup, optimized meta descriptions, and URL mapping/redirects. These recommendations, once implemented, will set the foundation for your SEO success.

Google analytics

The use of analytics to measure your site performance is how you will realize your return on investment. With every partnership, I will setup up Google Analytics on your site (if it is not already there) in order to measure your baseline performance and growth over time. I will also setup Google Search Console which is a tool used to optimize rankings and analyze site performance. With every website build, I submit an xml sitemap on your behalf to ensure your pages are indexed properly for Google to crawl.

Content Management

Keeping your content fresh and relevant is as important as any design element. Content just matters. Not only does great content increase user engagement of your site, it is a primary tactic for any SEO strategy. JMR Digital Marketing will make content recommendations in terms of graphics and copy as well as help you manage and update your content as-needed. One essential tool for efficient content and website management is a content management system (CMS). Most sites you see today have a content management platform sitting behind it, allowing any user to update content easily, without having to know any html. Although I can create code-only websites, I will always recommend a content management system for long-term success. I can set this platform up for you in the backend and design a beautiful, fully customized website on the frontend. Here are just a few CMS systems I have experience with:

Wordpress and Content Management System