Mercury Insurance

While working for Mercury Insurance full-time, I was the project lead on their website redesign, CMS implementation, and email marketing tactics.


Mercury Insurance decided to re-skin their website design for a more modern look and feel and to optimize content for higher conversion. To capitalize on this change, they also decided to implement a content management system. My role as Project Lead was to collaborate with a design agency and implementation partners to develop user experience, design, and CMS components and infrastructure. I executed website architecture and content linking for Mercury Insurance website redesign and oversaw the website content management system implementation including template and component creation, tagging, and the execution of content changes.


Art Direction for Redesign

Art Direction for Original Photography and Photo Selection

HTML/CSS Web Development for all Pages

Content Management System (CMS) implementation Project Lead

Website Migration and Build

Blog Migration and URL Redirect Mapping

Device testing and QA

Redesigned Email Campaign

With the redesign of the corporate website, I wanted to carry through the online brand to email communications to create a cohesive customer experience. The same color palette, diagonal lines, white space, blue overlays and photography was used in these email designs as well as key strategic findings that came from the research phase of the project. For instance, I wanted to feature customer reviews across the campaign as they have proven to be high converting content. The email campaign flow was also redesigned and optimized using past A/B testing results and additional emails to support a more long term strategy.

Redesigned Email Strategy

  • Built the cart abandon campaign into one flow for easier reporting.
  • Removed all A/B Tests and used findings to influence new email design and content.
  • Used segmentation and personalization to target highly qualified leads.
  • Utilized open criteria to resend the first email if not opened, but with a different subject line.
  • Created 6 email designs, 8 subject lines, 8 preview messages.
  • Designed emails to have simple content, above the fold, with less focus on images.
  • Designed emails to focus on high converting content such as testimonials and awards with trust messaging.