Email Marketing

One of the most effective means to generate new leads, reach your customers, and increase sales

Why email works

Email might seem like an outdated tactic however, it is still one of the most effective means to generate new leads, reach your customers, and increase sales. With the advancement in technology of email service providers and marketing automation tools, marketers can now use data for targeted segmentation and optimization so that their campaigns run efficiently and effectively reaching the right people and the right time.

Email Automation Workflow Example

Email Automation

Marketing automation is the process of automating your marketing communications using various API connections, segments, triggers, and other criteria to create targeted campaigns for your audiences based on where they are in the in the marketing funnel. It is an extremely powerful tactic that can increase efficiency in marketing tasks, generate leads, and increase sales and engagement all without you having to lift a finger, that is after the initial setup is complete. Many different factors make up an automated campaign and the setup of your contact database. I create and execute automated email campaigns from email design to compete workflow execution. Once you have an email marketing tool to work with the potential campaigns are endless. When working with me, I not only create your campaigns but I also suggest other tactics to increase your ROI such as contact database health audits, lead scoring, personalization, and A/B testing. Here are a few campaign concepts I’ve created for my clients:

  • Welcome Campaigns
  • Lead Nurture
  • Lead Generation
  • Cross-sell
  • Customer Retention
  • Cart Abandon

Segmentation and Personalization

Segmentation is required for any email campaign and involves puling contacts into a list using various filter criteria such as location, sales history, interests, and life stage. With the right filter criteria your campaigns can be hyper targeted to reach the right leads or customers at the right time in the buying funnel. Personalization is then the concept of tailoring your content to be specifically relevant to each segment or even each person within the segment. I am an expert in creating dynamic content that changes per the individual user’s profile and contact fields. By using segmentation and personalization, you can avoid impersonal and irrelevant messages that don’t resonate with your audience.


With any email marketing strategy, you will need some sort of ESP (Email Service Provider) or marketing automation platform. Which one you choose to work with will depend on your budget, business model, company size, customer/lead volume, current technology compatibility, and other factors. Here are few tools I have experience in:

  • Hubspot
  • Klaviyo
  • Eloqua
  • Salesforce
  • Adobe Campaign
  • Constant Contact
  • Mailchimp