Kern Medical

Kern Medical is a long-time client who often needs help with their patient marketing, recruiting, and outdoor advertising.


Kern Medical is a hospital in Bakersfield, CA offering a variety of standard and unique services to their patients. I have been working with Kern Medical for over 5 years where I’ve developed several marketing materials, logos, and outdoor advertising designs for them to help support their internal and external marketing efforts. This relationship  demonstrates my commitment to my clients and building a foundation of trust.


Print Design

Graphic Design

Outdoor Advertising

Interior Bus Ads

This is a series of bus ads designed to create brand awareness for the various speciality services offered at Kern Medical.

Kern Medical Whole Person Care Bus Advertising
Kern Medical Family Medicine Bus Ad
Valley Fever Bus Ad
Oncology Bus Ad

Strategic Priorities Book

Kern Medical needed an A4 size booklet to display company information and strategic priorities for the future. The design of the booklet stems from their corporate colors and signature “wave” design. Each page uses consistent colors and styles that create flow, however each page layout is different, making the content interesting. The combination of shapes, colors, and photos break up the content and makes the book easy to read and quick to understand.


Infographics can help explain complex information using design elements. Here are a few sample infographics I’ve created for Kern Medical to help educate the community on preventative health measures and medical guides.