Given Guidance

Given Guidance is a new counseling business that needed a brand identity including a logo design, business card, web design, and a WordPress build.

Given Guidance Logo Design


Given Guidance was established by a solo therapist who started her own practice. She needed a complete brand concept that would support her mission of guiding clients to find balance. Many ideations were explored for the logo design and ultimately the use of two letter “G’s” was used to form an infinity symbol was chosen. Soft calming colors were used to represent therapeutic balance and a san-serif typeface was used that has letterforms that could create the structure of the infinity symbol.  Existing and potential clients now have visual representation of her services on her business cards and new website design, all with a consistent look and feel that supports the logo design and overall brane conception.


Logo Design

Web Design

Wordpress Build

Business Card Design

Given Guidance Logo Mockup
Given Guidance Business Card Design

Web Design and WordPress Build

The client requested a dark themed website based on industry competitor sites and to relay the same balance and calming look and feel that was used in the logo design. Five core pages were created that gives potential clients all of the information they would need when researching a Family Therapist to work with. The website is fully responsive, optimized on all devices, and highlights her phone number as the main call to action across the site. Main points include services offered, about the therapist, rates, and details on the types of therapies provided.