About This Project

Design and promotional system for an event called iPod Kiss. The team to hold an iPod between their lips the longest each won an iPod Touch. Each contestant received a free t-shirt so they can always reminisce about iPod Kiss. This promotional system included a main concept and design, posters, flyers, signs, web and social media advertisements, a newspaper ad, and a T-shirt design. All work for this design was made in Adobe Illustrator.  The design is Valentine’s Day themed as it took place in February. Music symbols and lips were used to form a heart around the headline information about the event. I chose to use a vibrant red for the headline type and a dull pink color in the symbols that molded into a heart shape. The font Archer was chosen for the main font because it is a bold slab serif that has charm and is extremely legible. It gives the design a “sweet” appeal.